Partners for Holdin' Ground Project

Bay Roberts 50 Plus Club

Bay Roberts 50+ Club
261 Water Street
Bay Roberts, NL A0A 1G0

Project funded by New Horizons for Seniors
Community Participation and Leadership Funding > >
Human Resources and Sikills Development Canada


Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation Inc > >
PO Box 1759, Bay Roberts, NL A0A 1G0
Telephone: 709-683-1195 Fax: 709- 786-2128
Clarence Mercer, Chairperson
Telephone: 709-786-4150

Sandra Roach

Sandra Roach, General Manager
Telephone: 709-683-1195

The Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation, incorporated in 2009 as a not-for-profit, charitable organization, has been established to help people better understand and appreciate the tangible and intangible artistic and cultural heritage of Bay Roberts specifically, and outport Newfoundland in general.


Ascension Collegiate > >
P.O. Box 370 Bay Roberts, NL A0A 1G0
Telephone 709-786-3400 Fax 709-786-0660

Marjorie Mercer
Mrs. Marjorie Mercer
Cooperating Teacher
Ascension Collegiate

Ascension Collegiate is a regional senior high school, teaching grades 10-12. Students attending the school come from communities from Marysvale to Upper Island Cove. The essential purpose of the school is comprehensive learning directed at developing the individual academically, culturally, socially, physically, and morally.

The school offers a wide range of courses and programs for the senior high school student. The School's Mission Statement expresses the goals of the school. The school community is particularly proud of its mathematics, science, and technology programs which are capable of competing with any senior high school in North America. Astros Teams that have brought home numerous trophies and Ascension Alumni have made their mark in all parts of the world.

Other Groups and Individuals who assisted with the Project

The Town of Bay Roberts > >

The Bay Roberts Heritage Society

The Pigeon Inlet Quilters Guild

The Newfoundland and Labrador Women's Institutes > >

Dale Jarvis, Intangible Cultural Heritage Development Officer for the Heritage Foundation of NL > >


Thank you to NEW HORIZONS FOR SENIORS Human Resources and Sikills Development Canada